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疫起做運動 • 擁抱健康生活 

CDEC Co-organises Parent-Child Creative Colouring Contest 2022

themed "Embrace an Active and Healthy Life under the Pandemic"




The theme of the contest this year is "Embrace an Active and Healthy Life under the Pandemic". Recently the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Beijing Paralympic Games and the Hangzhou Asian Games have contributed continuously to a sporting trend across the world, not to mention the upcoming 15th National Games that the Macao Government is now organising jointly with Guangdong and Hong Kong. Under such a trend where everyone is encouraged to get active and become healthier, this contest aims at turning all participating child into an "Ambassador for Sports", so that each of them can help in promoting habits in taking up exercises through unleashing their imagination by colouring and drawing, in order to build up a community that is both physically active and mentally prepared to battle with all viruses through embracing a healthy lifestyle.

主辦單位 | Organised by

陳明金基金會 (Chan Meng Kam Foundation) 

承辦單位 | Implemented by

立方米綜合活動中心 (M3 Integrated Service Centre) 

協辦單位 | Co-organised by

教區天主教教育委員會 (The Diocesan Catholic Education Commission)

贊助單位 | Sponsored by

悅椿酒店 (Angsana Zhuhai Phoenix Bay Hotel)、

萬龍酒店 (Million Dragon Hotel)、

金龍電器 (JinLong Electrial Supermarket Ltd.)、

澳門電召 (Macau Radio Taxi Services Ltd.)、

綠芽文創 (Broto Verde Cultural and Creative)

參賽對象 | Target Participants

本澳學生及其家長 | Students attending local schools and their parents

比賽形式 | Contest Format


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the contest this year takes the form of individual creative colouring where parents and children can work together to complete their artwork at home. A set of two colouring cards already printed with an outline drawing will be distributed at the M3 Integrated Service Centre. Participants are free to select the type of colouring paint or material, and are expected to return at least one colouring card to enter the contest. The cards serve merely as the basic creative element, participants can unleash their creativity in choosing the colours and drawing additional elements in blank spaces of the card, or even on another blank page.

比賽細則 | Terms and Conditions

報名費用 | Application Fee

免費  | Free of Charge

名額 | Entry closes upon

塗色卡發完即止 | Stock of colouring cards runs out

報名時間 | Period for Entry

2022年5月20日—2022年6月15號 (必須通過下方表格填寫報名資料登記)

20 May - 15 June 2022 (Registration via the Google Form below required)

領取塗色紙 | Colouring Cards


Can be obtained at the M3 Integrated Service Centre immediately after registration

提交作品時間 | Submission of Completed Works

2022年6月1日- 2022年 6月20日

Between 1 - 20 June 2022

評審標準 | Ranking Criteria


Entries will be ranked according to their originality, creativity, imagination, drawing skills and interpretation of the theme.

獎項設置 | Awards

公佈比賽結果及時間 | Announcement of Winners


Announcement will be made on 6 July 2022 (Wednesday) on the official website, WeChat public account, and facebook page of M3 Integrated Service Centre, award winners will also be contacted individually

獎項設置及贊助單位安排 | Types of Awards and Prizes provided by Sponsors

  • 最佳創意獎 1名 悅椿酒店住宿一晚+獎狀
    Best Creative Award (1 PAX) - Certificate and 1 night accommodation at the Angsana Zhuhai Phoenix Bay Hotel

  • 最佳主題獎 2名 悅椿酒店住宿一晚+獎狀 
    Best Theme Award (2 PAX) - Certificate and 1 night accommodation at the Angsana Zhuhai Phoenix Bay Hotel

  • 最佳畫功獎 2名 悅椿酒店住宿一晚+獎狀
    Best Art Award (2 PAX) - Certificate and 1 night accommodation at the Angsana Zhuhai Phoenix Bay Hotel

  • 最具體育精神獎 3名 金龍電器現金券1000元+獎狀
    Best Spirit in Sports Award (3 PAX) - Certificate and MOP1,000 Cash Coupon for JinLong Electrial Supermarket Ltd.

  • 最具運動風采獎 2名 立方米綜合活動中心現金券1000元+獎狀
    Best Presentation of Active Life Award (2 PAX) - Certificate and MOP1,000 Cash Voucher for M3 Integrated Service Centre

  • 優異獎(150名)U盤
    Merit Award (150 PAX) - USB Storage

  • 每位成功提交作品的參賽者可獲綠芽文創 6.8折蛋糕券乙張
    Each participant with successful entry will be awarded a 32%-off discount cake voucher from Broto Verde Cultural and Creative   

個人資料收集聲明 | Personal Data Collection Disclaimer


All personal data will be used for the sole purpose of this activity and will be handled in accordance with the "Personal Data Protection Act". By entering the competition and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the activity and theisPersonal Data Collection Disclaimer, participants agree that the information may be disclosed due to the nature of the activity and that all entries will be displayed on online platforms, including the official website, WeChat public account, and facebook page of M3 Integrated Service Centre etc..

查詢方式 | Enquiries

立方米綜合活動中心電話:2852 1999

Landline of the M3 Integrated Service Centre: 2852 1999

辦公時間 | Office Hours

9:30am- 8:30pm 

逢星期一及公眾假期休息 | Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays

報名請登入報名網址 | Please register with the form below

創意塗鴉大賽2022報名表 | Creative Colouring Contest 2022 Registration Form